DESCENDANT’s creation of clothes for the new season

As with the spring and summer collection, that was released this spring, we are making clothes while carefully considering how each item will be worn during that seasons time.
The summer heat was more than I had expected, but creating a shirt for the days I visit the beach and actually wearing it for this purpose, I feel like I am creating answers to my daily life.

Generally speaking of spring / summer collections, it lacks in volume when compared with a fall / winter seasons collection, but not only that, it also lacks in excitement.
For DESCENDANT, there are iconic core items for the brand such as a textile shirt with all over print, a wide offering of various cut and sew of 100% cotton fabric, polyester blended cotton fabric and plain stitch cotton fabric to enrich our expressions.

The current fall / winter seasons collections creations are approached in the same manner.
Before welcoming the new season, we make the clothing arrangements to prepare for fall / winter.
For example, in the begging of fall we still receive some heat, a nylon jacket without a liner would be an ideal wear, but once it becomes considerably colder during the winter, PRIMALOFT outer wear would be a daily necessity.
I want to create clothing suitable for each seasons daily life.

However, we cannot neglect the brands background by just focusing on function and comfort aspects.
We also implement traditional items such as moleskin jackets and Chester coats as well as authentic items such as damaged denim and fleece sweatshirts, within the mix.
Continue treating important things that will prove yourself – It is one of the features of DESCENDANT, that leads to this seasons slogan “Keep Rolling.”