Rake Fair To rake in good fortune

At DESCENDANT, it is our tradition to attend the Rake Fair in November every year.
The Otori shine in Asakusa is bustling with visitors year after year.
Firstly, we bring back the rake that was received the year before.
Join the overflowing lines of visiting worshipers, toss money into the offering box, ring the bell, give appreciation for the safe and peaceful past year and pray for a healthy year to come.
Then we approach the familiar Rake stand we always visit.
Ask to pray for family safety and business prosperity, while lastly receiving a new rake.
We are now one step closer to welcoming in the New Year.

The Rake Fair tradition has been continuing since the Edo period. There were crowds of people inside and out of the Otori shrine in Asakusa this year as well. Appreciating the fact that all staff members spent the year without any major health issues and on behalf of the DESCENDANT team, I pray for everyone’s health and prosperity.

Each Rake stand’s craftsmen has their own ingenuity and character and seeing each Rake on display from the walk path is vibrantly colorful and lively. Receiving a new Rake from the stand I visit every year I pray for DESCENDANT’s thriving business.

Completing the process by adding the name “DESCENDANT”, written with a brush pen, on the 2019 version of the Rake. Holding the new Rake in front of your chest while leaving the Rake Fair is tradition. We place the new Rake in back room of the store and hope the upcoming year will be a good year.