The meaning of monogram.



In the '90s, as a frequent visitor to the United States, I saw many people wearing caps with a baseball team's monogram on them and felt this was an expression of support for the team.

Baseball is said to be the national sport and there are a large number of people who wear caps, especially ones of a local team. It easily overcomes the gaps of being either a man or woman, age and race, which is amazing and I was so jealous of because, at that time in Japan, almost no adult wore caps on a daily basis.

Young people going to school, working adults and even the elderly taking a stroll around the city, seeing people with differences unite by wearing their favorite local team caps, showing their pride and support for their local community.

Therefore, the team monogram has depth and formality.
A monogram is an abstraction of a team and everyone can feel united under that monogram. It’s conceptual, but I think that’s the role of monograms and logos.

DESCENDANT is not a baseball team, but with this monogram, I hope we can all feel like a team together, showing support for the brand’s identity and philosophy.

Spoken by Tetsu Nishiyama