The opening and what followed.

It’s been a month since Descendant Tokyo opened. For those of you who have been to the store and for those who haven’t yet, our staff will be reporting on what the store has been up to.

“I’m glad that we have many customers who are families with small children. We have a clean look, something you could wear to a school event and can be worn in your own style. Many are about the same age as I am and have the same family structure, so I understand and can really relate to them well. Poly-blended clothing doesn’t wrinkle easily, even when you are carrying a child, so it’s good to be able to handle it roughly, in a good way.”


“I lived in South Africa until I was 18 years old. I now live near Enoshima and on my days off, I cycle along the seashore. DESCENDANT clothes can be worn naturally at any time. The best thing is to wear clothes that feel natural.
I was working at the Nakameguro store just shortly before its closure, but now that we have opened a Tokyo store, after quite some time, many people who want to know more about the DESCENDANT brand are now able to come see us.”


“We have many European tourists who stop by the store, not just from Asia. When they come to Tokyo, many say they want to visit Harajuku. Some who visit comment that our outside patio is nice, so we allow them to go out and have a better look. They all share a love for clothes, but many of them also appreciate the layout and furnishings, which is a perfect mix of old and new.”


“My hometown is Tateyama, Chiba and my father, a surfer, taught me how to surf from a young age and I spent a lot of time at the beach. I stopped for a while but started again when I was in high school and even to this day, on days off, I go surfing when the waves are good. Just like in surfing, I like to be able to show my personal style at the shop and look forward to meeting everyone.”