NEW ERA® and individuality.

I got my first cap a long time ago.
I believe it was a Lions cap.
A hat is always with me, regardless of the season or era.

Looking back at it, the tastes and styles in the way caps were worn have changed over the years. At first, I was inspired by the trucker caps in the movie "The Deer Hunter" and the way Robert De Niro wore a Red Sox baseball cap in the movie "Jackknife." In the 90s, I liked the look of a reverse snapback cap and the curved visor pilot caps of the NHL, NBA, and MLB. In the 2000s, flat brims became the new mainstream, and golf and trucker caps also made a slight comeback. These days, MLB and dad caps are the standard for me lately.

It's interesting how a hat can express so much individuality. DESCENDANT has released a variety of models so far. Among them, we have released several collaborations with NEW ERA®, and when I think back, the golf cap was the first. It had an old-school style with a two-tone snapback design. This season, we have created two designs using the NEW ERA® iconic model 59FIFTY® (specifically the Low Profile 59FIFTY®) and the dad style 9THIRTYTM.

Spoken by Tetsu Nishiyama