Pajamas with NOWHAW.

I made pajamas for the first time.
We custom-order pajamas called “NICE DAY PAJAMA” from NOWHAW, a pajamas brand. I would like to ask the director, Kotaro Togawa, about his creations and the brand. 
What is NOWHAW? Simply put, it’s a pajama brand by pajama lovers. I love pajamas and spend a lot of time in them. I change into pajamas as soon as I get home. I wanted to make nice pajamas for myself and started the brand in 2013. What kind of pajamas do you make? The body width, shoulder width, and armholes are made large and loose, so they are easy to wear and relax in. The pants have fused inseams for effortless movement as we can be quite acrobatic while sleeping, turning over and lifting our legs. The fabric is made of natural fibers, so it feels good on the skin; that’s how we create our pajamas, focusing on comfortableness. In addition, various designs and details are added to the pajamas to suit what you do while you are in them without compromising your comfort.

A little detail about the top. I realized that I do a lot of things with water while wearing pajamas, such as washing my face, brushing my teeth and washing the dishes, so I double-layered the fabric on the cuffs to make it easier to roll the sleeves up. By double layering the fabric, you can fold up the sleeves properly so they won't slide down when doing the dishes. I try to make them functional without compromising the feel and comfort of the material. NICE DAY PAJAMA is a jacket with notch lapels, but it has a hidden loop button on the back of the collar so that you can adjust the opening at the neck when it's cold. The pockets are large enough to hold a book, and the brand label on the hem is phosphorescent, so it's easy to find even with the lights off. I often laze about at home using the excuse that it's field testing and sprinkle in details that I come up with from how I spend this time.

How about the bottoms? NICE DAY PAJAMA’s bottoms are characterized by their wide silhouette and deep pockets, but the unique feature is the mini pocket near the hip. My hobby is going to the bathhouse, and I put a mini pocket in it to hold coins.

What is the key point of this NICE DAY PAJAMA? The combination of jacket and shorts is not found in NOWHAW’s regular line and was an idea from DESCENDANT, so it was very fresh. It combines the standard jacket model DAY with shorts from a previous model called NICE BOAT, which matches well with a boat neck pullover. The name NICE DAY PAJAMA combines the two model names. The fabric is 100% cotton, which is comfortable for the upcoming hot weather. They are dyed and sun-dried by craftsmen, so you can enjoy the pale colors and natural texture that can only be achieved by hand. An arrangement unique to NICE DAY PAJAMA. Pajamas are usually in the same color set, but this time around, the top and the bottom are different colors. This is a first for NOWHAW. It was such a fun session; we shared our ideas and created something unexpected. Also, NOWHAW tops usually use transparent buttons that are not noticeable, but this version has special buttons for DESCENDANT. Brand labels on both jackets and shorts are placed in a way that does not affect sleep comfort.

If you were to pick a theme, what would it be? I had the impression that DESCENDANT was a brand that made clothes that you could relax in, so I chose the theme “summer resort” as the ultimate scene for relaxation. The combination of jacket and shorts is just so perfect. Even if you don’t actually go on a trip, I would be happy if you wear this and spend your daily life feeling like you are at a resort. Can they be worn in the city as well as pajamas? Of course! Even though they are pajamas, they are still clothes, so I try to make you feel excited when you wear them. However, they must be as comfortable as clothes to sleep in. I hope that when you get tired of wearing them as citywear, you can finally wear them as nightwear.

The DESCENDANT exclusive NICE DAY PAJAMA will be available at all DESCENDANT stores and dealers beginning Thursday, 6/27. 
KIDS sizes will be available only at Descendant Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and online stores.