Summer Director’s Cut.

We call the floor of our shop in Harajuku the deck (the deck of a ship), and the staff who work there are considered the deck crew. This season, the uniform of the deck crew is beige trousers and deck shoes, but today, we bring you a director's cut featuring them out of uniform.

Our deck crew consists of four members. Each one wears attire that suits their character, and their personality and individuality have been more pronounced over the last few months since the shop opened. It's fashion, but not fashion; it's daily wear. There's a core substance that everyone loves, and people come together because they can relate, so it's accurate to say that that core part is becoming more ingrained within.

KON really always looks like this (laughs). He also operates a sewing machine, so his view and approach towards clothes may be a different perspective than others.

Since YZR is a surfer, so I get the impression that he chose clothing suitable for use around water and carries his jacket on one shoulder, which is very much in his nature.

HDS, the store manager who grew up in South Africa, pays close attention to the details when putting a fit together and believes that careful consideration is a part of the style.

Finally, our area manager, SSG, is very good at styling and making clothes his own. His physique is great, so the clothes look good on him and are well-suited to his style.

I enjoy being able to wear clothes that suit my personality. In other words, it means valuing and taking care of the things I like.

Spoken by Tetsu Nishiyama