Finding something I like

DESCENDANT has entered its 7th year.
For us, being a part of DESCENDANT is individuality and one of the things we need to cherish.
Individuality is being different from others, knowing and utilizing this difference to stand out, will allow you to express the workings of the brand DESCENDANT.

In the '90s, when I created my first brand, the information was scarce and inconsistent and somewhat biased, but once you find what you like and pursue it, you can greedily gather the information.
It was an era where becoming more knowledgeable than others on a topic made you a “nerd,” and being a “nerd” was a form of individuality.
The “nerd” was born, the “nerd” grew and absorbed the knowledge and trivia, making it their flesh and blood.
In modern times, searching online gives you access to a whole library of information. AI can instantly give you preferences and trends from all over the world, giving you the most “current” information accurately.
From such a wealth of information, you can find things you like or are interested, by choosing from several options, unlike awhile back, when only the people who had interests in gathering information could get the information.
Everyone has the same ability to get the information now, and the environment is in place. We are in an age full of potential and creativity.

Only one thing, I think you shouldn't be confused by the “like” that AI suggests to you and do not let AI decide your sensibility. I believe it is essential for you to discover your true “likes” and pursue them spontaneously.
The “like” found not by AI or suggested by someone else but according to your sensibilities to see it, eventually will become the individuality, lived in the times, giving influence to someone in the next generation, and in the hopes it will be passed on to a new era.
The things DESCENDANT believes to pass on to the next generation is... the pursuit of true “likes,” and to utilize one's individuality and cherish these differences from others.