About DESCENDANT's trademark – whale logo

DESCENDANT's trademark is a whale icon named CACHALOT.
CACHALOT, deriving from the French name that refers to Sperm Whales.

The son of the brand's Director, Nishiyama, loved marine creatures over those of vehicles or animated characters, since before he was able to speak. His toys were fish and whales, and preferred pictures books depicting sea animals, and had the documentary film “OCEANS” on heavy repeat.
Amongst these animals, his favorite was the sperm whale. He was drawn to their ability to dive, with such a large silhouette, and disappear into the unknown depths.

A male sperm whale is typically 16 to 18 meters long, with females averaging 12 to 14 meters, and newborns coming in around 4 meters in length.
The enlarged head, which is one-third the length of a mature male, has the largest brain of all animals and is filled with a spermaceti organ used for echolocation.
Due to its unbelievably enormous size, they were depicted as violent villains in modern literature such as “Moby-Dick; or The White Whale” and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” but in actuality, they are friendly and cherish the bond between family and friends.
They spend two-thirds of their lifetime in the deep sea, where their mother teaches diving and other specialized skills with intensive training.
When a baby whale resists diving, the mother feeds her baby as she dives at the same time, in turn still teaching it how to dive. The pains of raising a child are similar to humans.
In an ecological survey conducted by experts, it was witnessed that the mother whale leaves children yet mature enough to dive deep, at the sea's surface, and delivers squid to them from the depths. Also observed was a group of young males who came to the rescue of a distressed mother and child from a group of surrounding orcas.
In the past, sperm whales were once overfished for their spermaceti organ for use in candles, soaps, fuel oil, and machine oil but are now recovering in its population under international conservation efforts.

The couple, having children of their own, like a sperm whale teaches their offspring how to dive, they felt the urge to show their children what they were doing and what was available by stepping forward into their unlimited world and infinite future.
Even if you don't call it an instruction, as a parent, by showing what they have been doing, they wanted their kids to know that this is just one of the ways in life.
From that thought, was the reason why their son's favorite animal, the Sperm Whale, became a motif and one of the icons for DESCENDANT.
There are now many variations from the standard CACHALOT that started things out. A whale blowing tide, a whale that looks like a submarine, a whale that spy hops…

The thoughts put into the whale logo.
Please take the opportunity to review the collection and discover the different variations of the CACHALOT. Hope you find the one you like.