Relationship between music and clothing

There are various cultures filled between myself and fashion.
Music occupies a large part of it.
Music always projects the times.
It brings back memories of my old days, but looking back, it was more the mark of an era itself than my personal time, and those old timeless songs encourage and inspire the present.

Music often affects fashion.
When I was a kid, I wanted to imitate the appearance of an artist I liked and wanted the same clothes, so I searched around for them.
When I was in middle school and high school, I was greatly influenced by the BEASTIE BOYS style.
Music can be the background for creating clothes, giving inspiration, and paying homage.

No matter what I do, listening to music has been my habit, such as during meals, doing the dishes, driving, working…
Music has a familiar existence for any situation.

Certain songs bring you comfort, encouragement, joy, and even sadness.
Suddenly an emotional feeling attacks and makes my eyes watery.
Even if I'm listening to the same track, the inspiration changes depending on my mood.
It can be positive and or negative; the images come and goes.
Melodies, lyrics, each element has different powers; music is indispensable for life.

There are various cases of encountering my favorite artists.
Sometimes I'm attracted to the melody, and sometimes I get interested in their powerful lyrics. Other times it's recommended by someone I trust, even a collaboration between an artist covering a famous song can be the trigger.

Sometimes, even when making clothes inspired by old music, it doesn't feel old. Even though the music itself has passed the times, it is not influenced by the sense of the old times but has changed into something new for the current.

The concept of DESCENDANT is clothes that can be worn for a long time, like music that has been heard for many years.
With that said, in the case of clothes, for example, it could be more like pulling out something from the closet that you enjoyed ten years ago and thinking to yourself, “I can still wear this!”
In fact, seeing my kids wearing some of my creations I made a long time ago, I think, makes it long-lasting clothes.