DESCENDANT is generations.
Looking back to when I was a child, camping with family and friends, setting up tents, and bonfires, cooking, swimming in rivers and oceans, boating, diving, fishing, and all the other outdoor activities were timeless. Now they have become a part shared with my family and children's friends.
What DESCENDANT is now was inspired by all of these activities.
I decided with my wife that DESCENDANT would be a brand shaped and evolved by our ever-changing lives.

However, most of our lives are in cities rather than in the mountains or near the oceans.
I usually walk the dog, drop off the kids, commute to work or school, go to the local grocery store, play with the kids, hang out with people with common interests, go to parks and mountains on days off, and enjoy activities around the water.
At DESCENDANT, I want to make clothes that don't require high-spec technical wear and are stylish for everyday life and days off, suitable for daily and outdoor activities. I want to create quality, fun, realistic clothes that fit your lifestyle.

I believe it is especially important for DESCENDANT, as a brand, to be known for the ideas that go into its designs, the people who sell the products, and the people who wear them.
While enjoying an essential and realistic experience as an individual, one of the reasons for the existence of this brand is to create collections that face the environment.