CAMPUS adidas Originals by DCDT

DESCENDANT, who has partnered with and developed unique collaborations with adidas Original in the past, has created a new design based on adidas’s historical and classic CAMPUS silhouette for its fourth installment. The adidas Originals CAMPUS DCDT will be a lineup of two tonal colors: beige and navy. In the first collaboration, released in 2017, DCDT pursued the CAMPUS original silhouette available in the 80s’. This time, a more voluminous shape reminiscent of the 90s’ CAMPUS II, with a thick shoe tongue, was created. DESCENDANT chose a Japanese synthetic swede for the materials, creating less environmental impact than a pig skin swede, traditionally used for the CAMPUS of old. Also, tonal-colored synthetic leather is used for the three stripes, heal pads, lining, and body. A product that projects the identity of DESCENDANT has been completed.

In addition, the inner lining of the shoe opening is branded with the original adidas logo used during the brand's establishment, as well as DESCENDANT's lock logo slogan, which reads "Give Life Meaning." The DCDT logo is embroidered along the three stripes, and a CETUS logo embroidery on the heel pad. As a bonus, the replacement fat shoelaces can double as a belt. All are packaged within a special shoe box designed for the CAMPUS DCDT.

adidas Originals CAMPUS DCDT
PRICE : ¥14,500 (tax inc.)
SIZE : 24.0-30.0cm

Release date:
Friday 10/14/2022 at 12PM (JST)

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