It’s been almost 10 years since I started DESCENDANT.
The clothes have begun to exist in their own way with individuality.
Through the changing seasons, moreover, in our daily life, clothes that express the identity of DESCENDANT have been created. For this season’s visual, what kind of people wear such clothes and how do they wear them - we gathered the people who work there and those around them and invited Mr. Arai, a photographer, for a photo shoot.
Using the portrait method focusing on the person as the subject is an experimental attempt to rediscover the identity of DESCENDANT from the people.

This collection presents bright colors and textiles that match the seasonality of spring and summer. We carefully selected the fabric for each item, focusing on the drape.
A seasonal palette of neutral colors, such as light blue and light green, and light-colored items with pigment dyes stand out.
Cotton is used for denim and twill, nylon for the tussah, and Oxford. These fabric variations were mainly developed with use for trousers and shorts.
The graphics are inspired by the sea as a spring/summer style.
The textiles include pinstripes, ombre, madras, and gingham checks.
The large red and white, blue and white gingham check pattern is an old-school pattern used for shorts, bucket hats, and the lining for the drizzler jacket.

DESCENDANT, whether or not you are interested in fashion, regardless of the person's personality, the clothes blend in seamlessly with the "normal" people and can be worn for generations over. Its aim was to create a brand in the context of fashion.