Hang Out with Mr SLATER


Hang Out with Mr. SLATER in Kyoto

As you may already know, a new “Hang Out with Mr. SLATER” series was created, in which Mr. SLATER dispatched a caravan to DESCENDANT KYOTO and HIROSHIMA in conjunction with THINC PROJECT and HELLY HANSEN’s collaboration project. This time, we visited DESCENDANT KYOTO, which celebrated its first anniversary on March 14th. Let me introduce our wonderful guests and staff.

MAVERICK-san wearing THIC PROJECT sweatshirt, which was a collaboration with DESCENDANT and HELLY HANSEN

The far flight cap looks excellent on him

541-san rocking the blue buffalo check CLAIRTON PLAID JACKET with his wife 873-san

Thank you always for supporting DESCENDANT

Nahoki-san is a DESCENDANT KYOTO staff

Styling a baseball shirt with over sized ACRE PADDING VEST layered. Bravo on the sizing

Bancho-san is wearing the HELLY HANSEN collaborative hoodie and the limited liner jacket, and ST2-san is wearing the CLAIRTON PLAID JACKET

They never miss events

Rira-san is wearing the PE CREW and FLUKE BUCKET HAT

It's great to see women wearing them effortlessly

SHUN-san stopped by with his friend, who was back in town

Natural styling that he wholly owns, with the navy KENNEDY’S OXFORD SHIRT

A family snap of Keisuke-san wearing HELLY TECH® SPINDRIFT JACKET that can be worn for outdoor activities or town use in any weather with Aro-san and Fu-chan. We can wait to see you grow up, Fu-cahn

HIRO-san’s sweat on sweat styling with the light colored pigment dyed sample and the DRIFTERZ, which was upcycled from the sail of a ship


This particular DRIFTERZ was based on a yarn dyed sample. The Navy and the blue combination looks great

HORIAKA-san is wearing the Grateful Dead collaborative tie-dye long sleeve tee with the fishing vest

Very enthusiastic coordination, unique to DESCENDANT's original fans

hiro69-san layered a couple of denim jackets, the GRAZE and TRACKER, and see22-san is wearing a multi-striped shirt and the MUMMY PADDING JACKET