Inspired by the Spirit of ALOHA DESCENDANT 2019 Spring & Summer collection

At DESCENDANT, we create our clothes keeping in mind the scenes and environment that it will be intended for use, regardless of what season. The spring and summer collections in particular have a strong tendency for this, and this seasons clothing was made with conscious effort to have a great summer. The all over printed textile shirts and shore series pants are our basics that were born from the above creation processes.

The 2019 Spring and Summer collection was inspired by Hawaii’s traditional culture and their island spirit. Keywords used in this collection, such as “ALOHA STATE” and “PALAOA” are originated from the Hawaiian language. For “ALOHA STATE”, we express the meaning of “ALOHA” as love and gratitude, perhaps, using the Hawaiian word that leads to their identities and imagine the fictitious utopia.
“PALAOA” means “sperm whale” in Hawaiian . It is also translated as whale tusk, or ivory highly prized in the Hawaiian culture. It is highly regarded for its use in “lei niho palaoa” a lei (neck garland) made with niho ( ivory ) of the palaoa (sperm whale). These “lei niho palaoa” were only worn by high chiefs and as worn showed the highest rank in Hawaiian society.
I was taught this by my friend Keola, who is the designer of a brand called “FITTED” in Hawaii, and he, himself is descended blood of the native Hawaiian people. He has a deep knowledge of Hawaiian history and culture, and created the “Ki`i” petroglyph for us by combining inspiration within ancient stories and teachings from his Kumu ( teachers ) and It is embroidered on the pocket of the guayabera shirt.

In addition to Hawaii related items, we have developed a collaboration with Hawaii’s local surf brand, TOWN & COUNTRY, that was established in 1971. Although the backbone of the brand was built on surf, they have historical background in sponsoring many pro skaters in the 70’s. We created collaborative items such as shirts, shorts, caps, etc, based of their iconic Yin & Yang logo as well as checkered pattern, that were printed on the surf board back in the day.

Also, following last year, we will be releasing a new color of slippers in collaboration with SCOTT HAWAII. These high quality, handmade slippers are considered by some locals as “formal slippers”. Additionally, with the company that provides equipment to Hawaiis Ocean Lifeguards, DaFiN, we have collaborated and will be releasing flippers. A backpack that we have created will be a great addition to carry all your beach gear, including your wet and sandy slippers or fins, within the mesh pocketing of the bag.