Descendant Tokyo APR.26.2024 OPEN


Descendant Tokyo APR.26.2024 OPEN

Descendant Tokyo will open in Harajuku on April 26, 2024. As with our other store locations, Raregem's Mr. Ken Nishijo handled the interior design.

The store happens to be located in a back alley that I used to frequent when I was a junior high school student in the '80s while skateboarding from Shibuya to STORMY, which was along Omotesando in Harajuku. It's located next to FRIDAYS and for us, Ura-Harajuku was on this side of Omotesando.

There is an iron gate and a stone-paved slope at the entrance. After entering the gate, turning your body 90 degrees to the right, you will find the entrance to the store. Rather than a typical storefront, the gate gives a residence feel like someone lives there. The road in front of the store is rough and disheveled and when you peek through the iron bars, you'll see that it looks like you are in a back alley somewhere in Paris (laughs). The buildout is the exact opposite of the formatted values and the way shops are put together these days, so I hope you will find the outlook interesting as well.

We have set up an area called "DEN" at the very back of the store. In contrast to the front of the store, which is used as a guest area, this room is where the family resides. It is called the inner parlor and is a closed-off, secret room. We have placed two sewing machines in the stock room and when the setup is ready, we intend to be able to tailor pant lengths, make minor repairs and customize and remake things.

Previous DESCENDANT artwork is pasted along the wall outside. We put them up ourselves and it will be fun to see how they age after cycles of rain and sun.

We are currently making final preparations for the opening. These photos act as records of the buildout before its completion, containing items collected by Mr. Ken, items that were used at the previous store location and new items brought in for the time being. Please take a moment to visit us and compare the photos to the status of the opening day. We hope the way the store turns out in the end puts a smile on your face.

In addition to new DESCENDANT items, the store will also offer past items. To commemorate the opening, we will also have T-shirts and eco bags available.
The entire staff graciously awaits your visit to the new DESCENDANT store.

The keychain is a novelty item (not for sale) created by MASASCULP to commemorate the store’s opening.
Only a limited number of keychains are available and will be gifted to customers who purchase 10,000 yen or more (tax included) at DESCENDANT TOKYO while supplies last.

Spoken by Tetsu Nishiyama

Descendant Tokyo Grand Open April.26th, 2024
6-6-11 Jingumae, Villa Hase 1F Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
TEL: 03-6805-0204
Business hours: 11AM - 7PM Daily