Hang Out with Mr SLATER


Hang Out with Mr. SLATER in Yokohama

The latest version of “Hang Out with Mr. SLATER” features Mr. Slater visiting Ron Herman Yokohama, where Ron Herman and DESCENDANT’s collaboration project “Holiday at Pier” was held. This time, we will introduce the guests who came to the port city of Yokohama and the staff who cooperated with the event.

Mr. Navy from Ron Herman. A nice combination of the nylon pullover jacket “POPPA” and sweatpants in a tonal gray.

The choice of materials is also excellent

Mr. Guok enthusiastically said, “DESCENDANT is the perfect fit for my lifestyle.”
“DC-6 GDT” corduroy pants, “STRAIN HALFZIP” sweat, coordinated with the Adidas “GAZELLE DCDT GTX.”

It’s perfect!

Ms.HW from Ron Herman.
She paired the ozone-washed “PE HOODY” with a checkered long skirt.

It’s classy and well-styled.

The family of Mr. Awetome, Ms. Megumi, Ryosuke-kun and Sosuke-kun always participate in DESCENDANT events.

They are wearing the “D-51,” collaborated with Ron Herman and the “RP FLEECE HOODY,” collaborated with HELLY HANSEN. Sosuke-kun, who was in a stroller the last time we saw him, has grown so much

The father, Mr. Fuku and son, Keisei-kun, represented the five-person family that came to the event.
The yellow “HUMMING FLEECE PULLOVER” looked great on him.

Keisei-kun wore the “CROSS PADDLE” T-shirt, but wasn’t it cold?

The family of Mr. RO, Ms. HO and MO-chan are holding the "CACHALOT VELVET CUSHION" they bought at the event.

MO-chan was holding her father's arms, wearing a "SPUR HOODY," and she had a "PLUSH KEY HOLDER" CACHALOT and TUNA, which were popular at the raffle, in her hands.

The family of Mr. Tensei, Ms. Rimi and Nana-chan also got a “CACHALOT VELVET CUSHION.

” The father was wearing a “MANCHOT FLEECE JACKET,” and the mother was wearing the “CACHALOT FLEECE GOWN” they had just bought.

Nana-chan’s pose looks on point!

Mr. Sie came by with his friends.
He changed his travel schedule for this event. I’m so touched.

Thank you very much. The original stripe pattern “MOLE HOODED STRIPE LS SHIRT” accentuates the outfit.

Ms. Night from Ron Herman.
She wears the “CACHALOT FLEECE GOWN” over a casual T-shirt and denim.

Her natural styling looks like an expert stylist!

Mr. Will from Ron Herman is also wearing a “CACHALOT FLEECE GOWN.”
The fleece gown goes perfectly with the chic monochrome styling.

So cool!

A shot of Mr. T and Airi-chan, who held an event for his company at Marine & Walk.

The “FLUKE UP” cap he was wearing looked nice, and we had to take a shot.

I wonder what Airi-chan was looking at through the binoculars?

Mr. GK, who is in a traditional style, is wearing a navy “CACHALOT POLO JERSEY” with a beige six-panel cap, chino pants, and desert boots.

This is the real Hamatora. (Yokohama traditional style)

Mr. Sato made his own custom duffle coat from a Mexican rug that he got at the Ron Herman Zushi Marina event.

Even the director was impressed by his DIY spirit and sense of originality!

Mr. SSG of DESCENDANT. His first appearance was wearing GLOVERALL’s custom-made “MONTY” over his favorite “DRAGNET RIB KNIT.”

He looks like a man from the harbor and it suits him well!