On February 22nd, 2020, DESCENDANT's third brick and motor opened in Hiroshima.
Mr. Nishijo, of raregem, designed the interior, who also created the space for the Tokyo and Kyoto locations, and who is a good friend of the brand's director, Tetsu Nishiyama.
You will notice that the store facade has the same characteristics as its Tokyo location. On the inside, you will find original display fixtures with the newly released 2020 spring and summer collections as well as a limited CETUS SMOCK and screen printed T-shirts exclusively for the Hiroshima store opening.
The director and crew arrived a day before pre-opening to find many fans, not only from Hiroshima-city but also from surrounding cities, stopping by the store.
The craft beer brand KAMIKATZ and DESCENDANT's collaborative original ale was offered, the Hiroshima community warmly welcomed the brand; it was such a friendly and peaceful housewarming.
Please look forward to DESCENDANT HIROSHIMA's progress and growth.

  • DESCENDANT HIROSHIMA 〒730-0037 Nakamachi 1-21, Chuo-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
    Open 11am – 7pm