Diversity and digital transformation

For the 2021 Spring/Summer collection, we created visuals casting a total of 10 men and women of all ages, from teens to those in their 50s.
Each of the various characters has their background and personality.
I asked Akio Hasegawa this time as well, to put the styling together. DESCENDANT's goal is to create a style that exudes each wearers' individuality and background, not particularly professional models, to style clothes neatly.
I think people wear DESCENDANT by making the most of their individuality.
It's not tied to fashion genres or categories. The brand is supported by people who have found value in the DESCENDANT brand's philosophy and background.
Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters.
I've come to the conclusion that people of various attributes wear DESCENDANT. That is what DESCENDANT should be.

We also intend to enhance the content on the website from this season.
Besides the traditional shop space centered on the product's catalogs and text-based Features, we are also planning to create new content using video.
Furthermore, as part of the digital transformation at DESCENDANT, if the current situation of this new normal was not in the background, I could have hesitated on the shift to focus from a limited number of printed offline catalogs to a digital-based online catalog, which allows for an unlimited number of pages and copies.
Initially, creating the catalogs was a place for brand expression, and we repeated trial and error trying to edit them ourselves. They were distributed or given away free of charge as an essential way to raise and spread brand awareness.
I believe using the online platform for public relations activities will reduce pulp production, which is a raw material, from the perspective of protecting forests. It meets the needs of the times.
Now that the new normal has a well-developed internet environment and the know-how,
I think it's a good time to start something new.