Hang Out with Mr SLATER


Hang Out with Mr. SLATER

I'm Mr. Slater, the DESCENDANT mascot.
I hopped out of my usual world of Instagram to introduce the guests who stopped by the THINC PROJECT event that was held at DESCENDANT HIROSHIMA on 12/11/2021.

Ikeshoji, the manager of the Hiroshima store.
The shoes he is wearing were named after me, adidas × DESCENDANT's CRUSTAR!

Ms. Yamada wearing our KNOT FLEECE CARDIGAN.
Always rocking the cool style and the socks are on point!

Beige and OD.
I love tonal color coordination too!

Mr. Kawamura stopped by with his cool orange cruiser.
He layered the CYLINDER HINECK LS under the Cowichan sweater.
I want him to see my 24 mongoose bike next time~

The color coordination with each other is exquisite!
Beige, brown and black.
It's DESCENDANT's color palettes.

Repping SUBWARE and DESCENDANT, both are award jackets!

There was an embroidery service at the store on the day of the event, and he was carefully paying attention to the embroidery machine!
The cap that was embroidered looks great on you!

Hana-chan! She was so small when we first met.
The T-shirt she's wearing is what she made with her dad when they attended the previous workshop!

The shell jackets that kids were wearing are very rare.
I heard that their dad searched all over the internet to find them.

The Sasaki family always stops by when we visit Hiroshima.
Thank you always!