Hang Out with Mr SLATER


Hang Out with Mr. SLATER

Mr. Slater, the DESCENDANT mascot, visited one of the oldest cities in Japan, Kyoto. Here, we introduce the guests who stopped by for the opening of DESCENDANT KYOTO on 3/14!

Mr. Motomori, the manager of the Kyoto store, appears in a beige setup.
“Khakee” is a visualization of the adventurous spirit

We were all children once

Live in the future with the inquisitive spirit of a child!

Coordinating earth color tones is a DESCENDANT standard. The top is a Keneddy's LS with a CACHALOT embroidery in navy

That's the point, right, Mr. Shintani?

The Humming fleece has a fun color scheme of trim tapes, snap buttons, and inner seam tapes.

Mr. Ito matches the colors with a Barkley Cap.

Mr. Yamada is wearing a D51.
The cotton/nylon blended fabric gives the jacket its crispy texture, creating its silhouette.

The team hoodie he is wearing on the inside has a washed-out texture and silhouette, which feels great.

What is your all-time favorite jacket?

There's usually an easy answer to this.
The BALBOA jacket that Mr. Kitada is wearing is an M65 jacket modified to a European style.

It feels like street trad.

I haven't skated lately.

Mr. Maeba wearing a crewneck and backpack with the skateboard is a skater's trad look.

Mr. Nakazawa is wearing a DORSAL 6-panel cap.
Dorsal, Cetus, they are DESCENDANT's theme.

Agh! Cutie! A half black and half white pattern.

From the doggies' point of view, those two must be reliable.
Because I am a worm, people don't find me cute, so I feel lonely.

However, Mr. Asano is wearing the ECHO jacket using a satin fabric that reflects like a beetle's shell.
Which means the inspiration comes from insects like me.

DESCENDANT has a wide variety of shirts.

Along with designs, silhouettes, fabric, and trims, the season's mood is very important.

Thank you always, Mr. & Mrs. Nagashima.