THINC PROJECT Utilizing flawed cotton for the THINC PROJECT cut and sew

Some fabrics and trims used as materials for clothing are often put aside or discarded for various reasons. At THINC PROJECT, we create around researching and utilizing these materials. As a first step, THINC PROJECT has created an original T-shirt designed in partnership with DESCENDANT, using a deadstock heavyweight cotton jersey stored away at a factory.

The loose silhouette is full-sized and has a binder neck, a separate ribbed fabric sewn on the collar. A DCDT-14 outlined logo on the left chest and a SHIP logo printed on the back are available in four sizes in a Navy colorway. As part of the THINC PROJECT, which “thinks” and practices to reduce the burden on the environment as much as possible, an oval logo label representing the earth is attached on the bottom right, and a message label on the back of the binder neck collar.

COLOR: NAVYPRICE: 8,800yen (Tax inc.)

This item will be available through our online store, DESCENDANT HIROSHIMA, and KYOTO from Thursday, 7/28. Please note this is a limited quantity item and will only be available while supplies last.