DWU and Original Denim Line
Available Soon!!!

A take on a form of workwear that DESCENDANT named, Descendant Work Uniform a.k.a “DWU,” has been developed since the 2020 Fall/Winter season.
While items with an exclusive label show the authenticity of the DWU line, denim jeans and twill trousers also fall under the DWU category.

Workwear is an existence that tolerates stains, wrinkles, damages, and repairs.
The essential charm of workwear is the feeling of use and wear and tear when worn.
With the theme of “normal” that can be worn by people who actively DIY on a daily basis and those who do not, new items from the DWU category of the 2022 Fall/Winter collection will release consecutively one after another.

Created by Akio Hasegawa and Seishi Shirakawa.