Hang Out with Mr SLATER


Hang Out with Mr. SLATER in TOKYO

Mr. Slater, the DESCENDANT mascot, visits PADDLERS COFFEE in Hatagaya, Tokyo. Introducing the guests who joined the pop up event held in August 2022.

NASTUKO, one of our crew, has been working for us since the start of DESCENDANT. COCO joined as well this day!

T-shirts and slippers!
A Summer classic!

Memories of the summer, joining as father and son!
I am missing the summer already.

Yoshiyama-san, one of the staff members from PADDLERS COFFEE.

Wearing the rare collaborative item with Grateful Dead!
Thank you for the delicious coffee!

The textile shirt, perfect for the summer season.

Thank you for cherishing it!
I am also collecting the textile shirts!

Hakase-san joined us with his French bulldog, which has a cute belly spot.
The overdye’s texture matches his mature aura. Looking cool!

Takai-san wearing the THINC Ver. CETUS SS, which was released that day.
Thank you for participating in the THINC x DESCENDANT activities!

YATSUZUKA-san also joined the THINC PROJECT event in Hiroshima.
The Indigo x navy coordination is timeless.
Thank you for your continued support!

Wu-san and Hu-san from Taiwan.

Taiwan is very familiar to me since I have friends there.
The SPY HOP shoulder bag is cute!

The color palettes they are wearing match.

My favorite ice cream is chocolate peppermint.

Rio-chan’s pigtails are so cute!
Matching tops with her mom.

I think her dad is wearing the TIDE shorts that can be worn in water and the city.
I believe they had a great summer.

IMAIZUMI family joined in on the DESCENDANT family coordination!
Sakura-chan looks great with her bangs.

Her dad, Nobuo-san, lives in my neighborhood.

TAMURA family joined us as a family of four.
The Paddle T-shirt graphic, Tomoaki-san is wearing is a boat motif that has been used since the brand began and is one of my favorites.

Little Ryosuke-kun’s CACHALOT too.