Descendant for Ron Herman Ron Herman Yokohama 5th Anniversary

Limited edition produced by DESCENDANT for Ron Herman.
A limited edition varsity jacket will be released to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Ron Herman Yokohama store.

Speaking of varsity jackets (also called stadium jackets),
The design idea comes from the image of clubs and group circles wearing custom-designed patches on jackets.
The DESCENDANT varsity jacket, produced as an exclusive for Ron Herman, switches glossy synthetic leather sleeves to the melton fabric of wool blend, a "D" chenille patch sewn on the left chest of a solid black body.
The letter is an original design initial for DESCENDANT and includes a Cetus logo in the shape of an orca’s dorsal fin.
Luxury was the design's particular approach, and it is kept simple and not decorated.
Please look forward to the collaboration commemorating the 5th anniversary of the Ron Herman Yokohama store.

This item will be on sale at the Ron Herman Yokohama store beginning Saturday, December 3rd. For sales methods, please get in touch with the Ron Herman Yokohama store directly or visit Ron Herman’s website.

Varsity Jacket for Ron Herman
Color: Black  Price: ¥78,000 (+tax)