Hang Out with Mr SLATER


Hang Out with Mr. SLATER in Hiroshima

As you may already know, a new “Hang Out with Mr. SLATER” series was created, where Mr. SLATER dispatched a caravan to DESCENDANT KYOTO and HIROSHIMA in conjunction with the THINC PROJECT and HELLY HANSEN collaboration project. At this time, please allow me to introduce our wonderful guests and staff at DESCENDANT HIROSHIMA.

A skillful style, layering a denim shirt and corduroy shirt
The indigo and navy color matches great too
DESCENDANT HIROSHIMA store staff, Mitsu-san.
A denim jacket and pants setup with a baseball shirt shows his background and love for vintage
For the shoes, our signature Crustar!
Masa-san is wearing the fishtail cricket as the outerwear, beret, and trousers, all in black
Ombre check shirt, campus, and mask are all coordinated in navy. Very stylish!
A family shot with Dad and his two boys wearing the HELLY HANSEN collaborative spindrift jacket
Thank you always for your support Hiroaki-san, Towa-kun, and Rito-kun. Riot-kun looks excellent with the cap
Different colors set, a D-51 in black and D-65 in olive drab
Yu-san's phone strap was created by customizing the DESCENDANT key strap. Great D.I.Y!
Satoshi-san and Mizue-san brought their year and a half old Saran-chan (Doberman), who loves to play
Balboa satin jacket matches the image of having a big dog
Kjy-san is wearing a DESCENDANT padded vest and hoodie, and Yuko-san is wearing a hooded CETUS logo sweatshirt
Seeing partners wearing DESCENDANT puts a big smile on my face!
DESCENDANT regular supporter 0309_drop-san layering a mummy padding jacket with a hoodie and coordinating it with the shore striped trousers
The shoes are campus and create a well balanced contrast
CHARA-san is wearing the HELLY HANSEN collaborative spindrift jacket using HELLYTECH® for town use
Round glasses suit well on him
JOE-san’s coordination of a mock neck and a fleece zip jacket is perfect
The big embroidered CACHALOT on the front panel looks great
Tsuchi Tsuchi Donpa-san has always been supporting DESCENDANT
CACHALOT hoodie and campus_DCDT for a classic style.
The raragram tote bag is his absolute favorite