The secret of mango red.

If it’s a Maison in Paris, it’s orange.
Blue for the jewelers in New York.
Yellow and Purple for basketball in LA.
I don’t know why these colors are synonymous, but there are colors that brands and teams cherish.

At this time, I’d like to talk a bit about DESCENDANT’s colors.

When we decided on the sperm whale as our trademark, we chose colors that fit this worldview.
Colors like teal blue, peppermint and mango red are the colors of the ocean where whales swim and the colors of the sky above the sea.
These mysterious colors that are hard to understand are also colors of memories that were around us in the 90s, in our youth.
Among them, mango red is a color that I utilize every summer. This color expresses the color of the sun setting over the sea, the sunset.
It’s not a popular color like navy or beige, but on a sunny day, like the other day, I saw a man, I’m guessing an American man in his 60s, wearing a polo shirt in this color paired with chinos, strolling the streets of Tokyo. I feel happy seeing someone like that because they are like our muse (male version). It’s like Bill Murray in Jim Jarmusch’s and Sofia Coppola’s movies. There are still men in mainland America who still naturally use mango red. mango red.

Originally, mango red was described as such in things like outdoor brand catalogs of the 90s that I often saw. It was a pleasant color that sat in my memory.
It’s a so-called island color, and I think that’s how it’s generally called overseas.
When you go to resorts in Hawaii, Guam, or Miami, a color called mango red is used for canoes. It’s the island vibes’ orange.

On a slightly different topic, Mr. Ken Nishijo from raregem is wearing short peppermint-colored shorts, even though they are worn out.
He likes canoes and builds them himself to ride on. I think every summer, naturally without thought, he chooses the color peppermint, a color not many people choose to wear in the city, to bring him closer to the outdoors.

How do we bring these colors of nature into our everyday lives, how do we make them work and how do we use them? In that sense, mango red is a challenging color, but I also want to be an adult who can use this kind of color without hesitation.
When I head to the ocean, the act of remembering this color and putting it on, I feel like an adult.

Spoken by Tetsu Nishiyama